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Sapphire AMD Eyefinity Technology Benefits

Gaming - Immerse yourself in game play

  • Get a commanding view of the action, and enjoy more control in real-time strategy games.
  • Detect enemies sooner, react faster, and survive longer in first-person-shooter games.
  • See enemy aircraft with peripheral vision, and fly with greater spAMDal awareness in flight combat simulators.
  • Eliminate blind spots and feel a heightened sense of speed in racing games.

Productivity - Helps you get more done:

  • Optimize productivity by increasing PC desktop workspace with multiple high-resolution monitors.
  • Manage multitasking more efficiently, and view more data, applications, and images at once.
  • Avoid time-wasting application-switching, window-sorting, mouse-clicking, and scrolling.

Entertainment - Maximize your leisure me:

  • Group multiple monitors into a large integrated display surface for the ultimate wide-screen home theater display.
  • View TV sports, movies, or video entertainment on one monitor while viewing online stats, Internet pages, or games on other displays.
About AMD Eyefinity
AMD Eyefinity technology maximises your field of view across up to six displays, fully engaging your peripheral vision.  For gamers this puts you right in the game and for other applicationsit helps to increase productivity by maximising your visual workspace so that you can see more windows simultaneously. ..

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