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What is SAPPHIRE FleX?

AMD Eyefinity Multi-display Technology delivers innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces and ultra-immersive visual environments for the ultimate panoramic computing experience. And it is the leading technology that has introduced multiple displays into the consumer market.

However, many potential users may not know some limitations in setting up Eyefinity with a standard card based on AMD technology:

  • To group three or more monitors, you must use at least one (or more) DisplayPort outputs.
  • The best quality of Eyefinity experience needs three (or more) of the same model monitors – or at least with the same display resolution
  • DisplayPort Monitors are typically very expensive in the market and so is the alternative solution – an Active DP to DVI adapter.

There are 6 different monitor combinations as below: you can see there are only two combinations that will work. The other four do not work because of the display signal limitation.

Using SAPPHIRE Technology Exclusive FleX Series

SAPPHIRE Technology is the FIRST and the ONLY company that provides this exclusive technology to break the limitation of Eyefinity, which we called SAPPHIRE FleX Technology. It supports 3 displays in Eyefinity mode without the need to use the DP output. SAPPHIRE FleX is the most economical solution for Eyefinity as it supports many combinations of multiple display outputs simultaneously. Thus SAPPHIRE FleX Technology provides user the most convenient and cost-saving solutions for three- monitor display usage.

The following image illustrates that when using three monitors with SAPPHIRE FleX series product, all six combinations are useable.

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