Sapphire Tri-X Radeon™ R9 FURY series

Takes Tri-X to the Next Level with R9 FURY

 The SAPPHIRE Tri-X R9 FURY is based on an exciting new GPU from AMD that combines Graphics Core Next architecture with the revolutionary high bandwidth memory (HBM). This is coupled with a new and sophisticated cooling solution developed specially for this card, based on SAPPHIRE’s award winning multi-heatpipe triple fan Tri-X cooler to allow the card to run totally silently at low loads, and quietly and at low temperatures even when gaming or in demanding applications.

Most efficient Tri-X Cooler yet

  • 3x 90mm Aerofoil fans with dual-ball bearing hubs for long reliable life
  • Multi-Heatpipe array with 1x 10mm, 2x 8mm & 4x 6mm heatpipes
  • High density stacked cooler fins
  • Solid Copper transfer plate
  • Diecast mounting frame for PCB and cooler assembly provides rigidity
  • Cooler assembly extends beyond PCB for added air circulation
  • Cooler shroud controls airflow  and mounts to frame
  • Thick Aluminium backplate reduces PCB component temperatures
  • Intelligent Fan Control (IFCII) stops fans under light load
  • Advanced Fan Control sets temperature by arbitrating multiple sensors
  • AMD ZeroPower Mode – indicated by LED
  • 8-LED bar indicates GPU intensity (Power draw under load)

Latest AMD Graphics Core Next GPU

  • FIJI Pro Chip featuring HBM (High Bandwidth memory)
  • GPU and Memory in one “module”
  • Saves PCB space, improves power efficiency and speed
  • GPU has 3584 Stream Processors, 1050MHz core
  • 4GB Superfast HBM memory
  • 4096-bit memory interface, 512GB/s bandwidth
  • Onboard DSP delivers AMD TrueAudio
  • Supports CrossFire multi-GPU operation

Specs & Performance

  • SAPPHIRE Performance Index* – SPI 5 (Ultra Enthusiast Level for 4K Gaming)
  • 3x DP + 1x HDMI 1.4 Outputs
  • Supports 4 monitors natively
  • Up to 6 monitors with MST hub or Daisy-chain
  • Dual UEFI BIOS switch unlocks Thermal control for overclocking
  • DX12 Ready
  • Supports AMD FreeSync, VSR and Liquid VR