Mini PC



The World's Smallest PC?

Ideal replacement the large PC you currently have in the front room, occupies little or no area - can easily be hidden away.

Brilliant design

Adds a bit of style to the home. Rubberized matte soft finish.

Aggressive APU performance

Runs home and Office apps. Users benefit from over 50 mainstream SW applications accelerated by the APU - such as video transcoding and encoding, 2D to 3D content conversion as well as Full HD video playback and photo location and organisation. Publishers include - Adobe, ArcSoft, Corel, CyberLink, Microsoft pf Nero.

HD Graphics and DX11R

Huge number of tasks benefit from the performance and stunning graphics of the APU's HD Graphics - including stutter-free HD video playback and accelerated internet browsing experience.

Low Power

Low running cost, can be left on 24/7, uses less than 10% of the power of a regular PC.

Low Noise

Very low noise output. Does not interfere with the experience.

Kensington Lock Support

Increased security at a public BYOC LAN event.

No Windows

The SAPPHIRE EDGE HD3 delivers standard without windows allowing you to install your preferred version. Save money by using an existing license.