New ! Sapphire Nitro edition !

Maximum performance, quality, reliability & stability for the majority of PC gamers

The excellent performance, quality, reliability and stability of high-end graphic cards have always been the preserve of the hardcore gamer. Until now. The new SAPPHIRE NITRO series is an evolution of our market-leading, award-winning, high-end graphics card technology – now made accessible to the majority of PC gamers. Whatever kind of gamer you are, the SAPPHIRE NITRO series offers you the maximumgaming experience for your budget.


The new SAPPHIRE NITRO series is an evolution of our market-leading, award-winning, high-end graphics card technology – now made accessible for the PC gamer. Designed from the ground up, we’ve crammed in everything you need (and left out everything you don't) to maximize the gaming experience for your budget. The SAPPHIRE NITROseries boasts a range of features previously reserved for highend cards, including long-life capacitors and award-winning Black Diamond Chokes, as well as our award-winning cooling solutions. Its sleek, elegant contours have been designed to suit any build. And the latest graphics architecture from AMD ensures fast, reliable gaming, performance tuned for any levelof gamer.  So whatever kind of gamer you are, the SAPPHIRE NITRO series offers you the maximum gaming experience for your budget.

  • An evolution of our market-leading expertise, SAPPHIRE NITRO makes high-end graphics cardtechnology accessible to the PC gamer.
  • A family of cards to enhance the experience of all levels of PC gamer.
  • Maximizing performance, quality, reliability, and stability for your budget.
  • Sleek, elegant, black and gunmetal styling – to suit any build.
  • SAPPHIRE’s renowned high-end quality components, including our award–winning cooling solutions, longlife capacitors, Black Diamond Chokes and    shroud enhancements to strengthen the PCB.
  • Performance tuned for the majority PC gamers with the latest graphics architecture from AMD – for fast, reliable gaming.

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