Dual-X cooling technology from SAPPHIRE

Gaming? Creating? Editing? Streaming?

Keep it cool with Dual-X equipped graphics cards from SAPPHIRE.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of graphics cards, we’ve put enormous effort into making sure your experience is enjoyable, productive and uninterrupted. When you’re pushing your graphics card’s capabilities to the limit, you need more power. The more power, the more heat. That’s why we’ve developed Dual-X cooling technology.

With Dual-X, the heat from the components on the graphics card is dissipated with a graduated heatpipe assembly, heatsinks and two advanced fans that pick up the heat and blow it away.

The fans are advanced because each blade has an airfoil section to make them more efficiently, even at lower rotational speed. Because they run slower, they run quieter – delivering a better gaming and multimedia experience. And in office or studio applications there’s less noise, so you can hear yourself think.

Whatever you’re using your PC for, wherever you’re using it, the sound of the fans on the Dual-X SAPPHIRE graphics cards deliver optimal performance. The fans are also protected from airborne particles with dust-repelling bearings.

When you want to push things to the limit, SAPPHIRE graphics cards can be overclocked for increased performance. Even then, you’ll find the Dual-X cooling system, keeps the heat down while delivering maximum reliability and performance.

Double 100mm dual Fan design with efficient fin array pushes out the heat provide more than 135 CFM Air Flow

The benefits of Dual-X technology at a glance

  • Unrivaled cooling thanks to hyper-efficient slow-running dual fans.
  • Excellent cooling for performance-tuned or overclocked systems.
  • Superb reliability in mid- to high-end graphics applications.
  • Ideal for gaming, productivity and multimedia applications.
  • Fans work in tandem with multi-heatpipe and heatsink technology for optimal cooling.
  • Quiet-running fans have dust-repelling bearings, radically reducing the incidence of failure.

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