4 stars recommendation Sapphire R9 390 NITRO


I have to admit that the card Sapphire R9 390 NITRO very positively surprised me. A long time I had no contact with the AMD cards, and as you can see, I missed a lot. These products can definitely compete with the proposals from the green and successfully win with them in certain applications. This particular card can not be denied good performance and potential. Sapphire gives us really two possibilities. Or we decide to overclock and a little louder, but still acceptable job or lowering the level of fan speed and we are quiet, but still powerful accelerator. Another issue is the appearance and quality, which stands at the highest level.Practically I can not to anything. By reading this article you must also remember that the shop version of the card is also equipped with a backplate, which in the test version, unfortunately, ran out, and certainly it would contribute to even better visual feedback.
With a clear conscience I can this card recommend to every player who was standing in front of a choice of cards for about 1500zł.