Test Sapphire R9 380 R9 390 and R9 Fury Nitro. Radeon better sorts

Sapphire Nitro is undoubtedly neatly made graphics cards, definitely some of the best non-reference Radeon, which so far had the opportunity to test. Robust engineering work has resulted in low temperatures cores that typically orbit 70 degrees Celsius, which for AMD excellent result. Even after overclock values ​​are rising slightly - cooling systems excel impeccably, recording results similar to the best competitive structure. The volume at rest all presented Sapphire R9 Nitro is zero, because the manufacturer has applied here półpasywne coolers, and squealing coils does not occur. Full load makes the fans Radeon R9 380/390 is clearly faster, but we can still talk about the behavior of the border of decency. Yes, find GeForców characterized by a higher refinement would not be a problem, but in its category Sapphire R9 380/390 Nitro is the most effective solutions and also the quietest. Now attention - an absolute revelation was the Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro, which is virtually inaudible and surprisingly cool combination that can confound even the GeForce GTX 970 production ASUS / MSI.Something like that, our editors have not yet seen performed by the Red, so it truly "magnum opus" that could pass for a model to follow. Sapphire Nitro shows should look like top graphics cards with AMD chips. It is a pity that the power consumption of the heroes of the article is clearly higher than class rivals, because then we would have compensated the fight on all fronts.,21