IFCII, Dual Ball Bearing Fans and High Reliability Components

SAPPHIRE Technology has just announced that it is extending its successful SAPPHIRE NITRO series into the enthusiast space with the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X

The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X features the latest version of the company’s award winning Tri-X cooler with a shroud themed with the other SAPPHIRE NITRO models and a stylish aluminium backplate that contributes to the rigidity of the card and assists the cooling of the PCB mounted components. This model features dual ball bearings and dust repelling seals in each of the three fans for higher reliability as well as the second generation of Intelligent Fan Control (IFC-II) which turns off the fans completely for silent operation under light load, controls a single fan under moderate load and all three fans under more demanding conditions. A multi-heatpipe array together with its industry leading 10mm core heatpipe, diecast heatsink design and backplate keeps the card running cool even under the most demanding applications, and the use of long life capacitors and SAPPHIRE Black Diamond chokes contribute to consistent performance and high reliability.

Based on the latest GCN architecture from AMD, the SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X supports all the latest technologies including DirectX 12, AMD FreeSync, AMD TrueAudio, LiquidVR and Ultra HD. The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X has 2816 Stream Processors, 8GB of the latest GDDR5 memory running at 6000MHz, and an engine clock speed of 1080 MHz. This makes this card the perfect choice for the enthusiast who demands great performance in a variety of serious applications as well as gaming.

The SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X delivers a SAPPHIRE Performance Index* of 4 which means it is guaranteed to breeze through games at 1080p on maximum settings and deliver a great gaming experience at 1440 and beyond.

Building on the success of the previous generation, the SAPPHIRE NITRO series features the latest Graphics Core Next architectures from AMD, paired with larger frame buffers and the evolution of award winning cooler solutions to deliver the very best performance ratings and support for the latest technologies with a range of models available for the majority of gamers.

Availability - The new SAPPHIRE NITRO R9 390X will be available from the company’s usual etail and retail partners from January 2016.