SAPPHIRE at Computex 2016

Conference Room – 505, 5th Floor, Nangang Exhibition Centre, Taipei, Taiwan


SAPPHIRE Technology will demonstrate the strength of its three business divisions, Consumer graphics, Professional Graphics Solutions (PGS) and Embedded systems, with both static and live demonstrations of products featuring the latest technologies at Computex 2016 in Taipei from 31st May - 4th June 2016.

SAPPHIRE Professional Graphics Solutions

SAPPHIRE PGS is committed to delivering a full range of products and appropriate solutions to our commercial customers in the Digital Signage, Medical, DCC/M&E and Cloud solutions (DaaS and VDI) markets.

During Computex, SAPPHIRE PGS will demonstrate a system with real-time hardware HEVC decoder delivering 8K resolution video playback. This system is equipped with four HEVC hardware decoder cards and a powerful graphics solution that delivers 8K video decoding in real time.

SAPPHIRE will also demonstrate a Real-time multi-GPU video playback system. This is a multi-GPU solution that runs real-time video playback rendered across multiple graphics cards to obtain exceptional performance. The system is equipped with multiple graphics and video playback software that delivers a resolution of 5760 x 3240 across a 3x3 display configuration. The system can boost up to 16K resolution at maximum for real-time video playback

Two of SAPPHIRE’s demonstrations will be showing the versatility of the SAPPHIRE ZC400 PCoIP Zero Client in the remote working environments of digital signage, Professional design and Amazon Workspaces. Amazon workspaces is a managed desktop computing service in the cloud. SAPPHIRE will demonstrate the ZC400’s capability as a DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) tool to provide users access to documents, applications, and resources they need to complete their tasks. The SAPPHIRE ZC400 is a small format, stylish and fanless design for a powerful zero client solution. It requires no CPU, operating system or hard drive, is easy to set up and manage, and can support up to 4 HD displays, or two ultra-high resolution displays (2560 x 1600).

SAPPHIRE will present an OEM External Graphics Solution to the public for the first time at Computex 2016. Connected to an HP ZBook, we will demonstrate a variety of user scenarios using this technology.

Consumer Graphics

SAPPHIRE continues to be the market leader for AMD based graphics solutions for everyone from the home and office PC user to the hard-core gaming and hardware enthusiasts. The SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series is loved by Gamers and has received industry acclaim for their excellent performance, quality, reliability and stability. The SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming series is an advancement of our market-leading, award-winning, high-end graphics card technology – PC gamers Welcome to the Next Level. Whatever kind of gamer you are, the SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series gives you the maximum gaming experience for your needs.

In Computex, besides a selection of the current SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series products, we will be presenting a series of unique, stylish and elegant live demonstration systems.

If you want to experience the futuristic level of immersion today, you need a powerful PC - To avoid nausea, visible pixels and disorientation, and to run the most impressive applications and games VR has to offer, your only option is a PC-based system. With this in mind and in partnership with HTC, we will demonstrate the state of the art SAPPHIRE HTC vive VR Live demo powered by the indomitable SAPPHIRE Radeon Pro Duo graphics card. The AMD Radeon Pro Duo is based on AMD’s 3rd generation GCN architecture featuring asynchronous shaders enables the latest DirectX™ 12 and Vulkan™ titles to deliver VR gaming experiences at maximum fidelity levels.

Famous for our collaboration with some of the best PC scratch builders and modders in the business, we are proud to present two unique demonstrations in partnership with NFC (Not for Concentrate) Systems.

SAPPHIRE NITRO PURIEL is single sleek, jaw-dropping custom PC build featuring the all-powerful SAPPHIRE NITRO Fury 8GB Graphics card. The journey from start to finish of how NFC Systems built this system has been recorded for the amazing NFC 2 video documentary series. This content is available to view via SAPPHIRE’s community blog below @

Computex 2016 will be the first time this NITRO PURIEL can be seen in the ‘flesh’.

SAPPHIRE NITRO S4 Compact ITX is is an Ultra-SFF chassis and the product of seven years passion and uncountable iteration. With the current state of hyper-efficient CPU platforms, and the advent of 14nm FinFET GPUs, consumers are migrating toward SFF systems like never before. The S4 Mini captures their attention in three distinct ways: Coming in at under 4.2L, the S4 Compact ITX is Actually Mini ITX, the S4 Mini is the first gaming chassis actually designed for Backpack Travel, beating the major consoles at their own game. The S4 Compact ITX is powered by SAPPHIRE’s NITRO R9 380 Compact ITX card and Delivers Real Gaming Power.

SAPPHIRE Embedded Solutions

SAPPHIRE Technology is designing and delivering products from its Embedded Systems Business Unit, targeting graphics intensive embedded system designs and small format computing solutions for a wide range of applications.

SAPPHIRE’s innovation in design and expertise in manufacturing enables it to deliver a range of standard and custom solutions for the embedded market. SAPPHIRE is closely aligned with AMD for it embedded solutions and exclusively uses AMD technology at the core of its embedded graphics and computing solutions. SAPPHIRE is also the exclusive provider of AMD designed embedded reference platforms for developers seeking evaluation and development platforms.

With its long history in graphics, SAPPHIRE is developing and producing unique products for the visual embedded market, including multi-output add-in graphics cards and modules as well as motherboards featuring on-board multi-output display capability. These solutions target applications with high resolution and multi-display requirements such as Digital Signage, Gaming Machines, Video Surveillance and HD Multi-Displays for information systems.

The SAPPHIRE Embedded BU can also deliver a number of mainboard solutions based on the latest APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) technology from AMD. The APU combines a multi-core CPU with on-chip graphics and control circuitry to allow powerful small format computing solutions to be implemented. SAPPHIRE offers a broad range of mini-ITX motherboards with enhanced on-board capability as well as custom form factors and features specifically designed for embedded markets. For applications where space is at a premium, SAPPHIRE offers highly integrated solutions based on AMD’s latest SOC technology.

In Computex, SAPPHIRE will demonstrate new small form factor designs based on AMD’s SoC FP4 APU platform an ideal fit for the most demanding multi-display visual embedded applications including electronic gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive digital signage, thin clients, POS terminals and more.

Conference Room – 505, 5th Floor, Nangang Exhibition Centre, Taipei, Taiwan