18 JUN

PCPER looks at Nitro 390

I see the points of emphasis that Sapphire addressed. The Nitro R9 390 has a clean design, looks good and isn't gaudy, mixing with nearly any user's build with a flat gun-metal finish. The cooler is robust enough to keep the GPU down at 68C under full gaming load, but does so without raising the cost of the product as a whole. Adding Black Diamond Chokes and 16K capacitors gives us a sense of long-term reliability as well. You get all of this for $329; the same price that AMD has posted for this GPU's MSRP.

18 JUN

Legit Reviews looks at the Nitro 380 and 390

If you are looking for a new graphics card to replace a graphics card that is several generations behind, the Sapphire Nitro 300 series would be a good choice.  Sapphire has included the highest quality components and the best features of their graphics card in an easy to choose new line.  The Sapphire Nitro 390 (part number 100382NTOCL) has just become available for order and can be found online for $329.99 plus shipping while the Nitro 380 (100384NT4GOCL) will run $219.99 plus shipping. If you have a graphics card from the previous generation (280 and 290), there is no need to upgrade to the 300 series card, I would wait for the next generation or the AMD Fury graphics chip.

18 JUN

The premiere test AMD Radeon R9 390x vs GeForce GTX 980

Radeon R9 390x which is a successor to the Radeon R9 290X 's debut, but among all the graphics cards AMD probably raise the most controversy. The manufacturer has appointed him for a very demanding task to compete with the GeForce GTX 980 , which only maximum overclocked Radeon R9 290Xcould catch up, assuming that the model NVIDIA still working on standard settings. Since the Radeon 300 series completely new graphics chip is not received, in addition to structural improvements needed it was a strong increase clock speeds to compensate for the difference relative to the adversary. Is Radeon R9 390x fulfilled the expectations reposed in him? That you will be reviewing the performance charts, but opinions are likely to be extremely divided ... especially in the context of the suggested retail price.

18 JUN

Radeon R300, AMD refreshes offer, test Radeon R9 390

Presented Sapphire Radeon R9 390 Series Nitro. This is an original design using powerful cooling system features three fans.The card is long 30 cm. For herring mounted three connectors DP 1.2a, one HDMI 1.4 and one DVI. To power we will need two PCI-E 8 pin. 
The cooling system performs very well in 2D mode the fan is inaudible, and the card has 35 of C. Under load remains relatively low temperature of 67 about C and can be heard clearly, that the fans are working. 
The card on release estimated at 1,450 zł.

17 JUN

MaximumPC looks at the Nitro 390X

From a performance standpoint, at stock speeds, the 390X may be slightly better than the GTX 980 for 4K gaming, depending on the games you run, and it costs less as a bonus


CPU Looks at R9 285 ITX

Even a dullard can see the benefits. For SFF and HTPC builders, this R9 285 is a dream. It will fit in tight spaces without forcing you to compromise on performance. At 1080p resolutions, the R9 285 ITX COMPACT OC Edition cruised through our game tests, making it an excellent addition to any HTPC. 

31 MAR

Test graphics cards Sapphire Ultimate R7 250 1GB and ITX Compact R9 285 2GB OC Edition

Sapphire R9 285 ITX Compact 2GB OC Edition costs about 1150 zł (again top shelf card R9 285) and is very poorly available in Poland. However, again, I met here with a feature through which I can not polecić- dimensions compatible with housings that support only motherboard format mini-ITX. With this compatibility, you can create competition for the PS4 and Xbox One. The equipment of this card can safely hook up to your TV and enjoy a smooth game, so buying it is worth considering.

13 FEB

AMD Radeon™ R9 290X 8GB vs R9 295X2 at 4K on the AMD FX-9590 CPU

Starting off with our real-world performance in a 64-player Battlefield 4 match, we see some amazing results. With the Medium detail at 4K, the R9 295X2 provides a 50% increase in performance, with 87FPS average against the R9 290X 8GB and its 60FPS average. But when we enable the Ultra detail (minus AA) the R9 295X2 stomps all over the R9 290X 8GB, even with its 8GB of VRAM