28 JAN

Annual Award 2014

After we discuss the award category Unlimited Budget for NVIDIA, this time we will discuss for AMD. At AMD, we recommend R9 8GB 290X for unlimited budget you. Why? In addition to many current games that require large VGA memory, call it "Shadow Of Mordor" in which to play with quality Ultra 6GB of memory you need. Not to mention if you play the game at 4K resolution, graphics cards with high memory is also required. Therefore, if you have a budget that is excessive and fell in love with R9 AMD 290X, choose the 8GB version is an attractive option.


9.0/10 HWM

It may be air-cooled, but Sapphire’s Vapor-X R9 290X 8GB is by far the most stable card we’ve had to date.

10 OCT

AnandTech reviews R9 280X Toxic

Bringing our review of Sapphire’s R9 280X Toxic to a close, our experience with the card and our results prove that Sapphire has fundamentally achieved what they have set out to do: they’ve put together the fastest R9 280X card. It’s 13% faster than a stock 280X and it’s still 5% faster than the factory overclocked Asus card we looked at earlier this week. Out of the box the Toxic even maintains a hair’s lead over the Asus card when the Asus card is overclocked, which means we’re looking at a card that’s arguably competitive at stock with end user overclocked cards.


AMD Radeon™ R9 280X Review

So, as we’ve now seen, the version of the Radeon™ R9 280X we tested generally performed a little bit better than the GeForce GTX 770, a card that, at the time of this writing, sold for about $100 more.


RTSGuru looks at the HD 7870

If you are in the market for a video card on a budget, I would give the Sapphire 7870 HD a look due to its great performance, and a terrific bang for your buck. Right now this particular card is selling in the $200 range and I think it's a real bargain for the performance you get. A great card, great performance, and ultimately a good deal. Mid-range cards like this used to be lacking in power, but the Sapphire 7870 proves this is no longer the case.


Sapphire Radeon™ HD 7790 Dual-X OC review

This Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X OC provides excellent gaming frame rates for a price that should tempt many people. You can buy Radeon™ HD 7770 cards such as the XFX R7770 Core Edition for less than £100, but it’s well worth paying a little more for the extra performance of the Sapphire HD 7790 Dual-X OC. It's out new Best Buy card.


Sapphire HD 7950 Mac Edition Video Card Review

Sapphire realized this problem and is hoping to breathe new life into to the machines of aging Mac Pro owners with the release of their HD 7950 3GB Mac Edition Video Card, which is what we’ve tested and reviewed, here at Tech of Tomorrow.

27 FEB

Editor Choice, APC Australia

The HD7970 GHz Edition is the fastest consumer graphics card and the best news is it’s not the most expensive.