11 FEB

SAPPHIRE Vapor-X CPU Cooler review

For a first go at a CPU cooler, the Vapor-X is impressive, but with Sapphire's expertise in keeping GPUs cool that shouldn't come as a great surprise. It kept our i7-3770K cool at stock and peak speeds, and it was very quiet when doing so


Sapphire Pure Platinum Z68

Još jedna nova matična ploča kompanije Sapphire, ovoga puta sa Z68 Express čipsetom koji kombinuje mogućnosti P67 i H67 modela. Ovim dobijamo veoma kvalitetnu ploču odličnih mogućnosti i generalno namenjenu zahtevnijim korisnicima.


SAPPHIRE Pure Platinum A75 Motherboard Review

Competitive in the benchmarks when run with a range-topping A8-3850 APU in the socket and exhibiting rock-solid stability with a 133MHz master clock, Sapphire sweetens the deal by bundling in a USB 3.0 front-mounted box and a coupon for the tasty DiRT 3. Undeniably strong in certain areas, most notably for enthusiast-grade features, the Sapphire PURE Platinum A75 is a reasonable companion for an A-series APU

21 JUL

AMD A8-3850, Sapphire A75, G.Skill Flare and 2600MHz+ DDR

We can't just say "look at this Flare kit, it's so wonderful", though. This was made possible with the use of the A8-3850 from AMD and the Sapphire Pure Platinum A75...seriously...a Sapphire motherboard! - Who would've thought that Sapphire could offer us a board that could give us this kind of memory speed?! So AMD overclockers...on your marks...get set...Go!


Sapphire Radeon™ HD 6850 Toxic Edition Review

From the moment a consumer receives the Sapphire Radeon™ HD 6850 Toxic the product impresses thanks to an excellent bundle which includes a mini DisplayPort convertor and HDMI cable. This great first impression continues as we find a card which is based on a higher specification PCB than the reference model and attached to it is a completely redesigned, better performing cooler which is also quieter. Sapphire retains the same outputs as the standard 6850 but enhance the performance past the existing model thanks to a factory overclock to 820/1100MHz. This overclock ensures that the card competes well with its direct competition, overclocked GTX 460 models.


Sapphire HD6850 Toxic Edition Review

The Sapphire HD6850 Toxic Edition is a stunning mid range board and it shows similar levels of overclocking ability when compared to the XFX HD6850 Black Edition we reviewed weeks ago. While on paper the identical clocks of the XFX Black Edition and Sapphire Toxic Edition would point to an ‘identical experience‘, this is not the case. XFX have clearly opted for higher automatic speeds as their fan spins around 30% faster at both idle and when under load. This means that while the XFX card runs cooler it also generates significantly more noise. While the automatic settings can obviously be adjusted manually, this actually gives the end user two very good, yet different ‘out of the box’ options when shopping online. We have had many HD6850 samples in our labs and only Sapphire and XFX have managed to break past the magic 1ghz figure, no coincidence as both are being sold as ‘elite’ products from AMD’s leading partners. Personally I prefer the Sapphire Toxic Edition to the XFX Black Edition, specifically for the reduced noise levels and for the enhanced connectivity. When gaming it is difficult to hear the Sapphire board above the ambient noise of a system, while the XFX Black Edition can be heard. The Sapphire HD6850 Toxic Edition is a gold award product due to the outstanding performance, massive overclocking headroom and quiet all round performance. Sapphire have balanced the core temperatures to peak around 70c when gaming while generating as low a noise level as possible. We like that thinking. Pricing has yet to be confirmed but we would assume it will be around £20 more than the reference model. Kitguru says: One of the finest HD6850′s on the market.


SAPPHIRE HD 6870 TOXIC Edition Review - The Fastest HD6870 Available?

We review some great video cards at KitGuru, and in the past we have been impressed with several HD6870 models from manufacturers such as PowerColor and HIS. Without question the Sapphire HD6870 Toxic Edition absolutely annihilates the competition, meaning that this card is easily the best HD6870 we have tested in our labs. First impressions are positive, the bundle is extremely comprehensive and it is always a bonus to find a high quality HDMI cable supplied amongst the goodies. I think many people can end up with a free game they already bought months ago. The Vapor X cooler is easily the best on the market, we have tested many overclocked cards in this specific series and often they would peak at around 85c when under Furmark load. This is a staggering 11c higher than the results we achieved with Sapphire’s cooler design, and we can put some of the success down the excellent 11 blade fan design which they have incorporated into the final product. In regards to noise emissions, the Toxic Edition is 6 dBa quieter than the reference card, and generally is inaudible inside a performance gaming system. Only when pushed hard with Furmark can it be heard, but it never becomes intrusive. Out of the box, the clock speeds are the highest we have seen – 970mhz on the core is a figure which has yet to be matched by any other manufacturer. This in itself is impressive enough, but Sapphire have created a custom software tool to allow users to overvolt the hardware. By maxing this we found the cutoff point to be 1060mhz, which is 160mhz higher than the reference design.


SAPPHIRE Special Edition HD 6970 and HD 6950 CFX Multi Screen Review

The Sapphire HD6970 and HD6950 are high performing graphics cards based on the same reference design as all other AMD partner solutions right now. It will be a couple more weeks before we get our hands on the sexy customised overclocked editions with enhanced coolers. KitGuru knows you are dying to see the Toxic or VaporX Editions from Sapphire, but patience will be rewarded. While many enthusiast users appear to have been slightly disappointed with the new 6900 range it really is worth looking at the price points that AMD’s partners are achieving. When the HD5870 was first released, it cost £320 inc vat, the HD6970 is £280 inc vat. As we have noted in our test results, the HD6970 is not only cheaper, but it is usually between 10% and 30% faster. Unigine Heaven Benchmark shows a single overclocked HD6970 is faster than two HD5870′s in CrossfireX, a good indication that AMD’s architectural changes have enhanced the performance throughput to the next level.


Sapphire Radeon™ HD6870 Review

KitGuru says: Sapphire’s holding a winning pair here, no doubt. It has to be said again that we have been comparing these cards against the very best, overclocked GTX460 cards on the market. AMD could have launched its second generation DX11 cards with a £400 leviathan. Instead, they have aimed squarely at the best nVidia card on the market and, based on several days’ testing, have hit the bull’s eye.