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一如其他牌子的 Mini-ITX 顯示卡,此卡的供電模組移至顯示卡前方,由於供電錢路空間街小,令供電模組熱力提升的關係,廠商特別增強顯示卡的供電模組用料,供電相數比一般型號更多, 提俱[6+ 1] 相迴路之餘,各組電感更應用特製的凹凸坑紋型缸,藉以擴大與空氣的接觸面,加快帶走熱力,同時,主要供電予核心的六組迴路更全數配合高階 IR 出品的Dr.MOS 晶片運作,承受高達 40A 電流, 轉換效率比一般 MOSFET 晶片更佳,有助減低高負載時的運作熱力,用料出眾。

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Sapphire R9 285 ITX Compact v MSI GTX760 Gaming Mini ITX

The Sapphire R9 285 ITX Compact has impressed us. This MINI ITX solution is able to significantly outperform the MSI GTX760 Gaming Mini ITX. It is even capable of handling some engines at 1600p with reasonable to high image quality.

22 SEP


Once again a very impressive card from Sapphire, taking a couple of steps up over the 260X reviewed a few weeks ago, the Sapphire R9-280X Dual-X is a card that has brilliant performance. It chewed through the benchmark tests as well as any game I played outside of these tests. So for those stuck with 1080p screens who want all the eye candy this card is a great choice.

22 SEP


The R9-285 is a capable card with a lot to offer. It is faster than an NVIDIA GTX760 and to that end makes it a mid-range card to be reckoned with.

12 SEP


This is a compact (17cm) card designed for use in mini-ITX systems, although it will work in full sized builds too. We get a compact plastic shroud over a single fan and block of aluminium fins. Sapphire pass four copper heatpipes through the heatsink and flipping the card round we can see that the back is fairly packed with components, though we note all the memory is front facing and the card uses bridgeless CrossFire. A button on the top edge of the card also allows us to switch between legacy and UEFI BIOS if required.

11 SEP

Editor's Choice. Tweaktown

Overall, it continues to be very strong, and more often than not, we get massive performance gains that really make a difference to your gaming experience In CrossFire mode, the Radeon™ R9 285 2GB Dual-X offering from Sapphire is impressive. With this setup, there’s some real value in CrossFire when it comes to both fun and performance.


Sapphire 286\5 ITX takes OCC Gold

As a design exercise, Sapphire hits the mark with the ITX Compact R9 25 OC. Its small form factor design concept is one that is ready, willing, and able to fill the performance void that exists within the LAN gaming community. By using a full-size performance target with a mini-me size physical target, Sapphire has built the card to fit the requirements.


SAPPHIRE R9 285 Dual-X OC Review

The Sapphire R9 285 Dual-X OC is an excellent graphics card that ships in a high state of overclock. Due to the 965mhz core speed it performs a little better than the Asus R9 285 Strix we reviewed earlier this week. Sapphire have also tweaked the GDDR5 memory a little, pushing it to 1,400mhz (5.6Gbps effective).