Your HDMI Audio Output Setting

Please <a href="/archive/FAQ/HDMI_Audio_Output_Setting.pdf"><b>download this document</b></a> to lean how to setup your HDMI audio output.(20080904)

28 MAR


user must have one ATi Radeon™ HD2400PRO or HD3450 PCI-E graphic card install in PCI-E slot first. Setting Initial Display First to "IGX". For detail instruction, please download E-mail of this MB, check page 42.

15 JAN

My hardware Device Manager always shows an Unknown PCI device. How i make it run properly? Unknown PCI device (PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AA18&SUBSYS_AA181002&REV_00\4&1A9C9F1A&0&0108) , Sapphire HD3850, WinXP SP2.

This must be ATI HDMI Audio device, there are 2 ways to install it , you can choose only one to intall. 1. Download the MS UAA HDMI Audio Class driver and ATI HDMI Audio for WinXP here - http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=xp/hdmiaudio-xp Then install it and reboot the system. OR 2. Uninstall the driver Catalyst V7.12 , then install the driver from bundle CD. The driver under bundle CD is a full package about 190MB included driver , CCC , WDM , decoder driver and so on.(080115)

27 DEC

I have a query, your product page says that the Radeon™ HD3850 series has "Hardware processed 1080p video playback of Blu-ray?and HD DVDs" however the spec spreadsheet shows that the maximum HDMI output mode is 1080i. I am confused which is correct, or is it both - as in the card will decode 1080p video but is only able to output 1080i through the HDMI interface

the "Hardware processed 1080p video playback of HD DVDs and Blu-ray" means that our GPU can support up to 1080p decoder bandwidth. And the TVOUT and HDMI maximun to 1080i means that the "DISPLAY" mode can support up to 1080i. These are 2 different things. If you do not have HDMI 1080i support , just use a CRT monitor or traditional TV to see the HD DVD or Blu-ray DVD , our GPU still can decode 1080p video , and you still can see on the CRT or traditional TV. (071228)

20 DEC

I get the following error: "Zero display service error" during the installation of ATI video drivers. How to do ?

Uninstall everything related to ATI from your computer(very important to erase everything related to ATI). Go to Add/Remove Programs and use the ATI Uninstall utility. 1. Then go to Control Panel 2. Select the System Icon 3. Choose the Hardware tab 4. Click on Device manager. 5. Here check out Display Adapters (double click on it to extend the list of adapters available). - does it say Radeon™ 'your model' Series? - does it say Radeon™ 'your model' Series Secondary? If so, disable the first one on top by right clicking on it and choosing disable. Your computer will want to reboot. Let it reboot. After the computer reboots 1. Go to www.amd.com and download the most recent driver package for your card. 2. Install it. Once the installation is complete your computer will reboot and the problem should be fixed. It is posible that you will not remove everything related to ATI and still remain some hidden files somewhere, if the above steps don't work you can consider formating your windows partition, this procedure is also known as Clean Install. (071225)


Some accessories are missing in my box, what do I do?

If some accessories are missing in your box please contact your retailer. Please check first which delivery version you ordered. Bulk-version: Graphics board in antistatic bag and driver-CD. Lite Retail-Version: Graphics board in antistatic bag, driver-CD and technical accessories (cables etc.) in a small coloured box. Full Retail Version: Graphics board in antistatic bag, driver-CD, technical accessories, games and software in a big coloured box. Especially the software bundle is subject to regional and seasonal changes. You can find these differences by checking the SKU number on your box.


Where can I get a manual from?

You can get an ATI-manual for your graphics board <a href="http://support.ati.com" target="_blank">here</a> You can find Sapphire-manuals <a href="/us">here</a>