22 JUL


I have 2pcs of HD3650 DDR2 version of VGA cards and want to enable crossfire function in CCC , but the option is grey and cannot to enable , my platform is P35 series MBs , what can I do ?

Your HD3650 DDR2 version only can run crossfire with software support because the card does not have CrossFire Golden Finger on the top of PCB. The Intel P35 and Intel 965 series MB do not have Peer to Peer function in hardware design. So that it cannot support software crossfire function. So that you cannot see the CF support in CCC is normal behavior. Now AMD can support software CrossFire when the cards do not have CF golden finger. But it has a limitation when the MBs do not support Peer to Peer function in hardware. (Like Intel 965 and Intel P35 series). In your case , if one card has CF connector but the other one hasn’t , these 2 boards would need to go with software crossfire function. But more detail support list , please help to check here http://game.amd.com/us-en/content/images/crossfirex/CF_combo_chart_July08.jpg (20081003)