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From Innovator to Excellence over 10 years!

SAPPHIRE Technology was first formed as a manufacturer and global supplier of graphics cards when ATI (now a division of AMD) adopted the Add-in Board partner (AIB) model for delivering its technology to market. SAPPHIRE has consistently been the market leader with its graphics products. More recently the SAPPHIRE product range has been extended to include a broad range of mainboards and a number of solutions including the  award-winning SAPPHIRE EDGE Series of Mini PCs.

This year, SAPPHIRE celebrates 10 years of trading, bringing our successful mix of innovation and customer satisfaction to the global market.  During that time we have introduced a number of innovations to the graphics market that are still reflected in our product line-up today.

SAPPHIRE landmarks

SAPPHIRE was the first company to offer silent heatpipe cooling on a production card and we still offer that option on several of our models – known as the ULTIMATE series.

Enthusiasts like performance to be maximised – and SAPPHIRE was the first company to offer an enthusiast range with special coolers, not only pre-overclocked, out of the box but with extra headroom for even more performance tuning – these are the features of our TOXIC family.

Overclocking some of our early cards was achieved in software with a tool called TriXX. Now TriXX has been updated to a more comprehensive tool that allows overclockers to adjust both clocks and voltages as well as monitor temperature on most of our high end HD 5000 and HD 6000 series cards. It is available to download free here.

Vapor Chamber cooling is a specialist technology, first used in high performance computers like compact servers, where it is critical to get heat away quickly from key components. SAPPHIRE was the first company to apply this technology to graphics processors with its Vapor-X cooler on the amazing ATOMIC model in the HD 3870 family – at the same time achieving another first with a high performance card with integral cooler that fitted in a single graphics slot. This technology is so efficient that it continues to be used on our award winning TOXIC and Vapor-X series of cards.

And innovation reaches right down to component level, where SAPPHIRE’s Black Diamond chokes, with integrated ferrite coolers help to run our voltage regulation circuits cooler even under heavy load. These are complemented by other component choices, such as solid electrolyte capacitors on our high end models for increased reliability.

Quality and reliability is just as critical as innovation – and SAPPHIRE has been a leader in meeting high manufacturing standards and the latest regulations, such as lead-free assembly and the recycling directives such as ROHS and WEEE. Of course, SAPPHIRE goes a step further, and for several years we have been using recyclable materials in our packaging, and our innovative environmentally friendly paper pulp trays for many models.

With higher and higher levels of component integration, motherboards are increasingly important – and SAPPHIRE is strengthening its presence in this sector and bringing new design expertise as well as its experience in graphics to bear on the latest generations of products.

As a launch partner for AMD Fusion, SAPPHIRE delivered products which helped to bring the exciting capabilities of the APU to the channel market. APUs combine - on a single chip - a powerful CPU, interface circuitry equivalent to a Northbridge and a DX11 graphics core equivalent to a desktop level graphics card, as well as a universal video decoder for the accelerated decoding of HD and Blu-ray content. This highly integrated solution forms the heart of a new generation of PC products.

SAPPHIRE has demonstrated this by introducing the Mini-PC Edge HD – one of the smallest PCs in the world. Since its original successful launch, new models based on Fusion technology offer even more advanced levels of performance – and push SAPPHIRE into the living room and office space with an award-winning solution.

SAPPHIRE continues to deliver mainboards for the enthusiast sector, compatible with the latest AMD and Intel technology. They feature a strong ID for the enthusiast sector, with their Black PCB, stylised chipset coolers and adopt many of the successful features from SAPPHIRE’s performance graphics segment, such as the solid capacitors and Black Diamond chokes. Aware of enthusiast requirements, the boards feature many performance tuning options; including Dual BIOS, debug display, Push buttons (Start / reset / BIOS) and even Voltage test points on some models.

But these are just the highlights of a top to bottom line-up – whether its graphics or mainboards, SAPPHIRE is aware that there is a volume market for mainstream products, and continues to provide a wide choice of performance levels – and price – for the wider global demand.

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