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SAPPHIRE and AMD become head Sponsors of StarCraft2 Championship :
Mar 29, 2011

Kicks off soon with ‘Coin Toss’ Tournament!


SAPPHIRE and AMD have teamed up with DreamHack to organize the largest ever Starcraft 2 event with 5 tournaments and an 800 000 SEK prize purse.

The first tournament in the DreamHack SAPPHIRE AMD Championship series kicks off on 29th March – with a prize pot of around 1600 US dollars (10,000 SEK) and the unusual name of the ‘CoinToss Tournament’ – because every second round will be decided by a coin toss!

To share the excitement of this extraordinary event, follow the Coin Toss Tournament on Sapphire’s Facebook fan page  and get a chance to win 1 of 5 SAPPHIRE graphics cards and AMD CPUs as prizes from SAPPHIRE and AMD in the Watch, Like, & Win competition.

Prizes will include products from SAPPHIRE’s exclusive FleX family of graphics cards that allows users to directly connect and configure three standard DVI monitors in AMD Eyefinity mode for multi-screen gaming, without the need for active adapters or DisplayPort connections.

SAPPHIRE and AMD are proud to be head sponsors of this great new series of tournaments. The best matches will be live streamed on and shoutcasted by some of the best casters in the world.

DreamHack Sapphire AMD Championship Schedule
March 29: Coin Toss Online Tournament, SEK 10 000 Prize Purse.
April 12th All Stars Stockholm Invitational, SEK 100 000 Prize Purse.
June: DreamHack Summer 2011, SEK 200 000 Prize Purse.
September: European Invitational, SEK 100 000 Prize Purse.
November: DreamHack Winter 2011, SEK 400 000 Prize Purse.

For full information on the tournament please visit

For information about SAPPHIRE Sponsorship please contact

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