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World’s Fastest Single GPU Gaming Graphics Card!
          The SAPPHIRE HD 7970 6GB TOXIC Edition is based on the latest HD 7970 GHz Edition GPU from AMD, together with a host of industry first and exclusive features to deliver maximum performance. Its unique 6GB frame buffer is a World first for a consumer graphics card and makes the TOXIC Edition ideally suited to multi-screen gaming as well as providing the extra memory required for demanding professional applications such as content creation, video editing or rendering.
           Performance is also World leading. By default, the HD 7970 6GB TOXIC Edition runs at 1050 MHz and dynamic boosts to 1100 MHz on the engine with the memory clock at 6000 MHz effective. By pressing the new SAPPHIRE exclusive Lethal Boost Button, the beast is unleashed, boosting the core clock speed to 1100 MHz with dynamic boost to an industry first of 1200 MHz on the engine while the memory is further overclocked to 6400 MHz Effective. The fan profile and PowerTune limit is also changed to performance settings. In addition, users will be able to individually tune the card with SAPPHIRE TriXX, the company’s free to download software tool that allows key parameters to be adjusted for maximum performance.
          HD 7970 6GB TOXIC has built in onboard LEDs for users, enabling you to monitor the PCB’s temperature.

Please be aware that Overclocking or Overvolting this product with procedures other than those embedded in the driver, including the use of SAPPHIRE TriXX, are carried out at the users own risk and may cause permanent damage or critical component failure. Such damage will not be covered by the normal warranty terms.


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