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PURE White B75M (PW-CI7B75M-MA)

蓝宝PURE WHITE B75M-MA主板,是一款具有英特尔B75高速芯片组的桌面型M-ATX规格主板,支持最新的英特尔®第三代 酷睿™ i7、 酷睿™ i5、酷睿™ i3处理器和其它以LGA1155封装的英特尔® 处理器。PURE WHITE B75M-MA 主板支持更高性能的双通道DDR3 1600Mhz高频内存,和最新的SATA 6Gb/s、USB3.0和PCI-E 3.0等技术。
蓝宝PURE WHITE B75M-MA 主板还通过了英特尔®Small Business Advantage(通锐)认证,全面支持软件监控、数据备份和还原、PC健康中心、PC节能和USB设备管理。

Please be aware that Overclocking or Overvolting this product with procedures other than those embedded in the driver, including the use of SAPPHIRE TriXX, are carried out at the users own risk and may cause permanent damage or critical component failure. Such damage will not be covered by the normal warranty terms.


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