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The most important ELEMENT to any creation is the foundation from where it derives its stability. Sapphire has taken this to the extreme and applied it to the most important hardware ELEMENT in the PC, the mainboard. The mainboard is the key to a reliable PC environment and with the Sapphire ELEMENT family of mainboards, you are on firm ground! Incorporating ATI's Xpress 200 and Sapphire's commitment to industry proven quality components such as DirectX 9 onboard X300 graphics, PCI Express x16, 10/100 Mb/s LAN, SATA with RAID 0/1 support and USB 2.0 high-speed data throughput ports. With the Sapphire ELEMENT performance and stability are Elemental!

Please be aware that Overclocking or Overvolting this product with procedures other than those embedded in the driver, including the use of SAPPHIRE TriXX, are carried out at the users own risk and may cause permanent damage or critical component failure. Such damage will not be covered by the normal warranty terms.


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