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The SAPPHIRE HD 5550 family of graphics cards are available in a wide array of configurations to suit different performance, budget, feature set and output configuration requirements. Every board in the HD5550 range packs 320 Stream processors and is fully compliant with Microsoft's DirectX 11 API, enabling the highest quality effects available on the PC platform today, as well as accelerating AMD Stream compatible applications including a variety of video transcoders and media players to ensure the best possible media viewing experience.
Built on an ultra low power 40nm core technology, no additional power connection is required, making the HD5550 series ideal for system upgrades or mainstream PCs that do not have expensive, high end power supplies.

Please be aware that Overclocking or Overvolting this product with procedures other than those embedded in the driver, including the use of SAPPHIRE TriXX, are carried out at the users own risk and may cause permanent damage or critical component failure. Such damage will not be covered by the normal warranty terms.

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