蓝宝石Radeon VII 16G HBM2

AMD Radeon VII 显卡:顶级的性能,极致的游戏体验

Radeon VII为游戏发烧友而生,顶级的性能让玩家特效全开并且在极清分辨率下仍能体验到流畅无卡顿、无撕裂的游戏体验。

做为全球首款7NM制程的图形处理器,Radeon VII把独立游戏显卡业界推向了前所未有的高度。16GB HBM2显存的采用,让显卡能从容应对当前游戏界最先进甚至是未来几年的游戏特效对显存的要求,破天荒的1TB/S带宽让超高分辨率纹理、高动态特效及栩栩如生的角色建模能同时呈现在玩家面前,还用户一个真实的游戏世界。

全球首款采用16GB 显存的7NM 图形处理器



使用Radeon VII显卡你能在1080P,1440P和4K分辨率下实现无撕裂的,流畅的HDR游戏效果。同样你也能在8K显示屏上用最先进的图形软件渲染剪辑你喜爱的照片和视频。先进的Radeon 软件协助专业用户打造出个性化的内容体验不一样的游戏感受

Radeon VII是迄今为止我们推出的针对热门电竞及3A游戏性能最强大的游戏显卡。


Radeon FreeSync 2 自适应变频技术:


Radeon VII与FreeSync 显示器双剑合璧能为用户提供顶级的电脑游戏体验。AMD致力于构建完整的基于FreeSync技术的游戏显示器生态圈,我们追求的是通过FreeSync自身强大的技术及免费性质,让具备不同等级硬件的玩家都能享受到异常流畅的游戏效果。

Immersive, Interactive, Intuitive VR Experiences

Escape into lifelike realms of virtual reality experiences with Radeon VR Ready Premium solutions which are select Radeon GPUs that meet or exceed the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive recommended specifications for graphics cards.

DirectX® 12

DirectX® 12 is a new, “console-like” graphics API from Microsoft® that empowers game developers with more direct and obvious control of PC hardware. This direct or “explicit” control better exposes the hardware resources of AMD Radeon™ GPUs to yield higher hardware throughput and, ultimately, more performance for users. To put it simply: much more efficient hardware through smarter software! At the discretion of a game developer, this superior efficiency can be spent on higher framerates, lower latency (VR), lower power consumption, better image quality, or some calculated balance of all four. In any scenario, gamers stand to benefit greatly from choosing AMD hardware to run their favorite DirectX® 12 game.

GPU 3840 Stream Processors
60 CU
7 nm
1400 MHz  Engine Clock
1750 MHz Boost Engine Clock
Interface PCI-Express X16
Memory 4096 bit Memory Bus
HBM2 Memory Type
1000 MHz, Effective 2000
16 GB Size
Displays Maximum 4 Outputs
Output 1 x HDMI 2.0b
3 x DisplayPort 1.4
Resolution 5120*2880 Pixel DisplayPort Resolution
4096*2160 HDMI Resolution
API DirectX® 12
Feature FreeSync2 Technology
DirectX™ 12 Optimized
Radeon VR ready Premium
Radeon Relive
Radeon Wattman
Cooling Triple fans
Form Factor 2 Part Slot Occupied
268(L) x 120(W) x 42(H) Dimension /mm
Power Consumption 300W
OS Windows 10 Windows 7 
Support 64-bit only
System Requirement 650 Watt Power Supply (Suggestion)
1 Available PCI-Express X16 Slot
8192 MB Minimum of system memory
2 x 8-pin AUX Power Connector
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