The Sapphire Vid 2X is undoubtedly an extremely clever gadget which will prove very useful to a wide audience of people. Unlike many adapters we have tested, the quality of the signal is very strong and it doesn’t lower the image quality of the external screens.

• The Vid-2X allows easy connection of two monitors on a single display output connector, which many laptop users and those with desktops most likely have. DVI output is common, and while your graphics card may support larger displays, your monitor in most cases will be a 1920x1080 and being able to add another monitor to expand your display without having to get an eyefinity graphics card is how this device works. Just plug-in play as shown in the video review, both monitors look like one large display area, in our case 3360x1050, and then adjust using the bezel management if needed and your done! Not a bad choice if you want something portable, quick and easy.

• The Sapphire VID-2X displayed excellent performance over the extended view, as well as in clone mode, and the HD across the monitors with bezel correction was everything it was advertised to be, with no noticeable difference in quality and image size across the monitors. If you're a die hard gamer, or someone who is constantly working with multiple programs with many windows or documents open, I highly recommend the Sapphire VID-2X. It is an indispensable solution and tool that will bring you not just a better viewing platform to play on, but will boost your productivity to a level far exceeding your expectations with the additional real estate of the two monitors that it provides.

• The benefit of multiple monitors is not one to be taken lightly. The results and opportunities are real, not to mention Sapphire is making it cheaper and easier. Whether it is Sapphire's FleX line of video cards or their new VID-2X, you can rest assured that multi-monitor setups are not just for the deep pockets anymore. At a price if about $179, the Sapphire VID-2X is on the expensive side, but if you're into multi-monitor setups then it might be the thing for you.

• Who is this product aimed at then? As far as home use goes, It is really for people who are strictly users of the machines and have no desire to interact with the inside of the PC or multi-monitor GUI setup software. It can also appeal to mobile gamers to a degree. The Sapphire VID-2X seems to be a well-functioning product for those wanting a completely plug-n-play external solution for expanding productivity via having more screen space to work with. As I mentioned earlier in the review, price-wise It seems to be aimed more towards professionals and the corporate board room than home use. It does its job well with a very negligible footprint on system resources, an ultra low power requirement, and great ease of use.

• The performance of this unit is pretty amazing. It’s not just the fact that you can extend your laptop screens to two extra monitors with up to 1920x1080p though. What’s really amazing is that it’s a plug and play device where no software is required. The quality of the display is phenomenal as well. My 23’’ 1920x1080p monitors have great picture quality and I can work on both flawlessly. There is no lag between the monitors and it works just as if you connected two monitors to your desktop. It’s great for people who bring their laptop to work in a cubical or their own office.

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